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Sa., 20.10.18 - Funky Circle Squad 20th Anniversary

19.05.2017 - Hip Hop / Dance

Funky Circle Squad
Funky Circle Squad
1998 was the birth of Funky Circle Squad -
the first ever Breaking- and HipHop-Dance Crew in the Area of Vilshofen and Passau!
This year we are celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Damn, 20 years ago we started in a completely new world. Best thing that could happen to us! :)

We are celebrating with our Friends
- Funky Styles (Plattling's and Deggendorf's first ever B-Boy Crew)
- First Strike (Ergoldsbach/Landshut)
- Lunatic Lords (Regensburg)
- Deejay Cosmic (Salzburg)
- B-Boy Storm aka Niels Robitzky (Battle Squad)
- Spawn (Graffiti Artist)
- Writer's Corner Passau
and more to come!

Join us and celebrate with us the Hip Hop Culture!
Hip Hop and ya don't stop!
Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun!
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